An Amazing Race

It happened when I was just 7 years old. I was coming back to my home from the farmland sight. I saw a crowd running towards me. Some people were chasing them. Behind them, police were following. Actually it was a glance of police and royalists chasing democrats.

I did not find any space to be escaped. I turned back and started to run ahead of them. Democrats were behind me. They were chased by royalists and police were at the last. The scene was really funny. It would have been funnier if some dogs had run after all of us.

After a few moments, I was overtaken by the democrats. Now there were royalists behind me. Within a second, they also left me. I found myself running ahead of police. I tried to run faster than I could. I was so nervous that I could not notice when police skipped me in this race. Later I knew that I was running after police. Then I stopped running and walked back to my home.

That's Why I am Worried

A man was seen disappointed. His close friend asked him, ''What happened?''
He said, ''Today my son ran away from home.''
Then the friend said, ''Don't worry. When he finishes the stolen money, he will come back.''
And the man replied, ''That's why I am worried.''

Generation Gap

I think the way of the students are changing with the change of the generation. Let me give an example of the way to say ''May I come in sir?''

In my grandfather's time, students used to stand straight at the door. Then they used to join their hands and speak politely, ''Excuse me sir, may I come in please?'' It changed with generation change. In my father's time, students did not join hands. They directly asked, ''Excuse me sir, may I come in please?'' In my time, we asked like this, ''May I come in sir?'' We removed the words ''Excuse me'' and ''Please'''

Now what does the present students do? You wonder they ask like this, ''Sir, I came inside, OK? and then the teacher finds the student inside the class before he permits. I think the next upcoming generation will ask more amazingly, '' Sir, will you carry me inside?''

Story of the Tortoise and the Hare

Once upon a time there were a tortoise and a hare in a forest. One day the tortoise and the hare decided for a running competition. Accordingly, they had to fix a flag in the finishing line.

The race began. As the hare was faster, he, in a matter of a moment, left the tortoise far behind. However, the tortoise steadily ran. On the way he found the hare sleeping under a tree. The tortoise became very happy. He said to himself, ''It exactly happened like in Aesop's story. Now the hare has thought that I am so slow to win. So being over confident and lazy, he is sleeping. Now I have to reach the finish line before he wakes up.

The tortoise began to run as faster as he can. When he reached the destination he found the flag of the hare already fixed there.

By the way, when competition had begun, the hare really felt lazy on the way. As he had also read the Aesop's '' Story of the Tortoise and the Hare'', he ran faster, directly came to the finish line, fixed the flag and returned. While coming back he freely slept on the way.

May I Come in Sir?

A teacher was checking the home assignments of students in the class. A student who had gone outside appeared at the gate.
Student: May I come in sir?
Teacher: ...{silent}
Student: May I come in sir?
Teacher: ........{silent, still checking assignments}
Student: Excuse me sir.
Teacher: {still not listening}
Then the student entered in the class and went near the teacher who was still busy in checking assignments.
Student: {nearly touching the ear of the teacher} Excuse me sir.
Teacher: {suddenly looking at the student} Yes.
Student: May I come in sir?
Teacher: Yes, come in.